I have always used a Synology NAS to store my music for our SONOS system but no more or no more until SONOS upgrade their software protocols. If you are still using DSM 6 this does no apply to you.

I installed a new Synology recently using the new DSM 7 OS that Synology have recently released and the two can no longer talk to each other. SONOS and similar systems such as Cambridge, Denon and others use SMB1 protocol for communication and Synology have abandoned it due to the very real security flaws it has and Microsoft stopped recommending it back in 1997 for the same reason. Until SONOS get their act together and upgrade to SMB2 (which they say can't be done) then Synology + DSM 7 can't be used together, end of story and goodnight.

To get around this I am going to use a Raspberry Pi with a hard drive attached to it so that it becomes a network attached device and use that to hold the music library instead of the NAS; I could use a computer but I don't want to be running a computer 24/7 just for music. Mrs. P uses SONOS for streaming a radio station and it still works fine for that.

If you have a Synology + SONOS I would remove the automatic updates so it can't update and don't upgrade to DSM 7. I know that this won't affect a lot of people but it may save a few landing in the same boat as I have. I spoke to our audio store who I have a current order with and they did not know about this problem which surprised me and I don't think the salesman even believed me initially but by the end of the call after doing some searches on the internet he was convinced I was right. The extra SONOS gear we had on order got cancelled on the spot.