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    Default Work Sharp ws3000 and accessories

    I have been looking at purchasing a work sharp ws3000 after a little bit of research, probably from the US. (I'm aware it is a 110V 60 Hz machine). Since I'm paying for freight, I might as well get a few accessories to come with it. I just wonder what accessories should I be getting? Is the wide blade attachment any good? What about the tool bar attachment? I am planning to use it to sharp the usual - chisels, plane irons, scrapers, drill bits including masonry ones and may be large knives or axes occasionally (but I already have a number of knife sharpeners, including one for ceramic knives)
    Thanks guys.

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    Stock up on plenty of abrasive discs while you're crying once. The ceramics go gang busters but beware the deep scratches they leave. Check though whether the Sandpaper man stocks compatible discs - I think he might.

    I'm a big fan of chromium oxide charged leather for final, powered, honing and WS do a leather-faced disc.
    Cheers, Ern

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