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    Default Aldi Tools purchased this weekend

    I spent a bit of money this weekend on tools - a brushless combo of drill and impact driver.
    They are almost the same spec as the ozito brushless drill and driver set which are also on special at Bunnings this weekend. They have the same max torque. I have a set of ozitos that I left in NZ but decided to go with Aldi because I have their batteries and I use their cordless saw and a few other different tools. Plus I like the plastic case.
    I am not disappointed; its pretty good for what I do.

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    I bought an aldi metal chuck 18v brushless drill earlier this year, it was their red/maroon colour. Went well for a few months until the chuck fell out ! Returned it and bought the ozito with same specs. To me they appear to be exactly the same although with Ozito it’s easier to buy another battery or tool because bunnies always has stock unlike aldi.
    You boys like Mexico ?

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    Aldi tools are okay if you accept them for what they are. I have a few I use as family loaners; so I don't lend out my Dewalt tools.
    We shop at ALdi and the missus has to drag me through when they have their tools on sale. I have a bit of Workzone stuff on the garage.

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    I suspect they are the same or close enough. It seems to commonly happen that Bunnings reduce prices on matching goods when Aldi bring out there specials.
    They price matched their Ryobi Thicknesser when the Aldi version was out, implying it was the same or equivalent.
    One trick is to follow Sam's lead and buy from Bunnings when Aldi have their product out and Bunnings reduces their price, so you have better access to a replacement should the need arise. While Aldi will refund, they will not be able to replace once stock is sold.


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