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    Default Flathead in the sou', sou,' south.

    When you drive as far south in Australia as you can, you end up at a magic place called Cockle creek in Reserche bay. From there there is an easy 2hr return walk to Fishers point which goes along beaches over low rocky points, beaches,points etc.
    Being in a bay the beaches are relatively calm and have a shallow gradient.
    It is one of wifey and my favourite fishing spots.
    You can wade out a short way and flick soft plastic lures around and usually get a fish or two.
    Last Saturday we got 3. One undersize 1 at 34cm and 1 at 48cm.
    You do not see many other people there and the wilderness(It is in World Heritage Area) comes right down to the waters edge. There are also stunning views across the bay.
    Well worth a visit if you find yourself South of Hobart.

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    Agreed. And we have camped there previously.

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