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    Default Suggestion for a reel

    I am looking to buy a new reel and am hoping for some input.
    Port Stephens area, beach fishing for whiting, bream and flatties.
    I am contemplating a dual drag/twin drag such az an Okuma TRB-55.
    I like the idea of a light drag then switch to a heavier drag for the 'setting the hook".
    I have a nice rod with a light tip, just need a decent reel to mat h.
    Any suggestions please.

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    Hi Lyle,
    I've had a Shimano Baitrunner for many years and it's my favourite reel.
    Well worth a look and available in sizes suitable for what you want to do.
    Good quality drag that will handle anything you hook in that class and the baitrunner tension is adjustable too.
    I've used it on a surf rod off the beach, a long estuary rod and a heavier rod off the boat. Works well in all situations so far.
    Those were the droids I was looking for.
    "just because I donít need the lathe doesnít mean the beer isnít cold" - Grand Master Flett

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    Thanks ncArcher.
    Went to Duffs out at Salamander looking for advice on my other thread (old split cane rod) and asked for advice on new reel. He showed me a Shimano reel. Very nice it was too, but the $$$$. Might have to wait for a birthday and be very good to swmb and see if I leave enough hints.......

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