I used my home made wort chiller on the weekend for the first time and thought I would share as I was very pleased with how it all worked out considering I made it myself.

The are not many parts to is so it is very simple to make. I used;

A drill powered pump - Bought from Ebay for 8 bucks and delivered from the UK.
Some copper tubing - 3Mx12mm length bought from bunnings for $18. It is already coiled so bending it to shape was very easy. They keep this stuff locked up so you have to ask.
Some plastic tubing - From my local Brew shop. Dave gives me this stuff for free for bottling and priming.
2 Hose clips to hold the plastic tube on the copper pipe.

It beats the price tag of $99 from the internet.

The first picture shows it all set up, cleaned and ready to go. The drill is not attached yet because it is a bit heavy for the wood base under the pump to hold. It is very easy to set up, you just need to follow the direction of flow indicated on the pump and attach the hose accordingly.

The second picture shows the cooler in use. You can see the outlet for the cooler pumping water back into the ice bath, the pump intake is also in the ice bath. This ensures iced water is flowing through the chiller and reduces water consumption.

The last picture is a close up of it in the Wort.

The only problem is I have to wait 4 weeks for the beer to ferment before I can use it again.