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    Default C**pers Real Ale real quick

    I put down a C**pers Real Ale on Tuesday night, and seeing as the ambient temperature was down around 17C in the laundry where I brew, I put the heater belt around it. The brew measured 23 litres, and I used Enhancer #1 and the yeast sachet supplied. It soon began to pump out gas, and I was happy to see it had started on the same night, rather in the morning. However, on Wednesday night, SWMBO said that the bubbling was sounding a lot different than usual, and so I went to take a look. A bit of a mess confronted me, as the foam that forms on top of a brew, was oozing out of the air-lock, and was forming a pool in the lid. This evening, it has slowed to almost a stop, but not quite, so I will leave it until Sunday or Monday to bottle.

    This speedy fermentation has happened in hotter months when I did stout once, and that finished in 24 hours. The finished product was great as well. I hope the Real Ale will turn out to be good, or it will be back to Chateau Car'Board for a week or two for me!

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    Buzza, the real ale a good drop, but if your into ales the I reckon you try a can morgans amber ale, 1.5 kg light malt, fuggles hops. Ferment at about room temp, bottle and enjoy. Its a James Squire cloan and well worth brewing. I've just made my second batch and will be putting down another this week.
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