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    Thank you for taking the time to take and post the photos Arthur...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmoss View Post
    Anyone going to the Canberra Timber and working with wood show on 10 and 11 November are welcome to come out to the Hall Mens Shed where we have a large museum of wood working tools with a lot for sale.
    Thanks for your hospitality today at Hall Mens Shed, Graham. I can see that there is a strong community spirit in the Town of Hall. The three of us really appreciated you showing us through the two parts of he mens shed and introducing us to some of your interesting members. We also enjoyed the tour you gave us of the museum and the old school house. I truly wish we had been able to spend more time there.

    If anyone is in Canberra for the Timber show or even at any other time I recommend that you get in touch with Graham and go and see a top mens shed.

    After the shed visit, we went to the wood show. Bearing in mind that there was the inaugural Wood Dust in nearby Bungendore and Queanbeyan only last month I think the organizers did well to put together a reasonable show. I know from attending Canberra show previoously it is not a big show and this years show was probably a bit smaller than usual as Wood Dust took a few of the larger exhibitors you would expect to be in attendance, so kudos to the organizers for gathering together as much as they did.

    Timber at the show fell into two categories:
    1. very well presented good quality timber with a price tag that would make you drop it right back on the table as soon as you read it, and
    2. Stuff that someone found in a sawmiller's "burn pile", fished out and planed smooth on the best side, labelled as a different species worth a lot more and given a pricetag that would make you drop it right back on the the pile as soon as you read it.

    After an hour I left with a $10 galvanised bucket, wishing I had spent that hour at the Hall Mens Shed instead.

    We are pretty much tied up for the rest of the weekend with Cenbtenary of WW1 commemorations, which is why we are in Canberra anyway. Heading back to Melbourne Monday PM.
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