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    Default pollypipe expansion and contraction irigation; methods to stop snaking

    I have 57m mounds with 2 runs of 13mm poly drip line on top. I made wire clips to hold them parallel but they still snake with expansion and contraction. I do not want to bury them. I calculated there could be 600 change in length.
    I was thinking of a spring on the free end probably about 50Kg pull at 600mm. Any ideas where to get springs or a better idea?

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    Its a PITA. I used a spring attached to the fence with wire to hold it in place. Until this year it held well, but they will modified with a twist-tension thing on one end.

    Ive found the Hippo Clips to be very good. I ws exploding pipe ends all the time.

    Tool: Hippo Clamping Tool 101HIPTOOL | eBay
    And clips (choose the right size) Hippo Clamp 25mm LDPE 27-28mm RED 101HIP27 (Pack of 50) | eBay

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    Are you rolling it out or pulling it off the roll in a huge spiraling mess, and are you stretching it out in the full sun to make it straight in the first place?
    I use a ratchet strap at each end and put some tension on it for a half hour or so works a treat... even on 50mm blue line I use my utes tow ball and a star dropper for anchors

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