I should have called it "A new trick for me "

I have been putting up some fences . After digging with a two man hand held auger and ramming 66 posts in by hand,with help, I decided to pay a guy with a tractor and a post driver to put in the next 100. My back helped me decide that one

That was a good idea , while he was here he helped get me back on track with some wire knots that Id forgotten and he set up and showed me how to rig up some electric fencing.

When he set up the new electrical connections I watched him pull out a can of spray on Zinc paint . The stuff you spray over Gal steel welded joints when welding. He sprayed that over the finished twisted electrical joints in the fence to improve the conductivity of the join! I thought "What a good idea!" .

You can see where the over spray hit the woodwork

I had to tell some one .IMG_3872.JPG