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    Default Re-upolstering of 1969 Recliner Lounge Chairs

    further to a post initally on "finishing Forum"
    I am seeking advice on recently acquired 1969 four piece lounge suite. three single recliners and a three seat reclining couch.
    refer image below
    date verified by the "Made in Japan, partly assembled June 1969" stamp on underside of arm.
    one original owner
    some joints to be dowelled-glued, and recovering to be done.

    advice from the experienced folk appreciated on the following;

    1. what is the most likely type of wood [light coloured, tight grain]?
    2. in the late 1960's what was the most likely finish on the timber work?
    3. was Estapol the "new buzz product" ?
    4. what would you recommend as the appropriate refinishing process and coating?

    am considering a light 00 to 0000 sand followed by coating with an appropriate finish consistent with the light wood and existing clear finish.

    any suggestions on;
    1. a type of fabric to replace the stylish but prickly orange and brown polyester fabric?
    2. best fabric type/make for such chairs?
    3. suggested supplier in Cairns NQld where i can purchase such fabric?

    as these are to become part of a new suite for day to day modern household use.
    many thanks in advance,

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    Great chairs, i have 2 ed zachary the same, i'm pretty sure from memory they 2 had the same covers, which promptly found their way to the exit. I am currently refinishing for my fishing club, although hard to do at the moment as i cant get the vice president out of his...... too damn comfortable apparently.

    the below website should be able to help with everything you need and could possibly want (backing, ribbon, material, seat sponge, shaped chair backs, the lot), and i'm sure they would send up north. I am using a heavy durable cotton twill (as will take a beating) which i had made whilst overseas. i will be doing a quick light sand 180 - 240 - 400 followed up with jarrah stain/varnish, its only going to be a focal point for its comfort/pass out factor, not their elegant retro beauty.


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