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    Default Alice, our new dog.

    It was difficult to rush straight into another dog after Dennis died, particularly considering the manner in which he died, so we put it off for several months, a month ago we picked up Alice from the dog rescue kennels.

    Alice is a Maltalier (Cavalier/Maltese X) of about five years old and five kgs. She belonged to an old lady who was moved into a nursing home and as near as I can figure she must have spent her entire life inside, never met another dog or person and was never parted from her owner.

    A couple of days was it all it took for her to adopt us, she is shy in the extreme, very wary of people and other dogs and also suffers badly from separation anxiety. We've been dropping her off at puppy day care once a week for socialising and also working on curing her separation issues, doing well so far. She's taken to lying on the sofa under the pergola (with her security stick of course) during the day and coming in regularly to make sure we're still around. At night she divides her time between bringing us her stick for a game and watching TV. She sleeps under my side of the bed in her night bed (with her security stick of course) and greets us enthusiastically every morning when we rise.

    I have started some training with her, but going on her responses I believe she may have had some negative reinforcement training. Nothing wrong with this type of training for dogs with the appropriate temperament/disposition; but unfortunately, not right for her. She respond well to positive reinforcement methods and is beginning to respond with a little less fear.

    A couple of pics:
    Dennis as a pup and as an old fella a couple of dies before he died, and

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