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Thread: Toby

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    We had a chihuahua when in Darwin, his name was Toby he liked to do everything we did. When i got the ride on out he would follow me around the yard with the most indignant look on his face, so I mounted an ammo case just in front of the tiller, stuck him in it and mowed the lawns. that was it, if ever I tried mowing the lawns without him he let me know, much barking and frantic behaviour ensured until such time as I included him. The same applied with the MTB, once sampled he was not to be left behind. Sadly, he died after we moved to Perth from cancer, but he still graces us with his presence on the bookcase in a nice rosewood box.

    Working with police dogs all my life, Toby, all 3.5kgs of him, was a little different from them, in size only, he had balls. He sold me on chihuahuas and toy dogs in particular, I've owned nothing but toys since. Truth be told, he had no such things, being a rescue dog, but that never stopped him. He was a great Romeo, once tying with a foxy in heat in a Port Headland caravan park. Of course she had to show him what to do, but after a couple of demonstrations he learnt and got on with the job. His other conquests were limited to teddy bears: he would grab his teddy, roll on his back and holding the teddy close, hump, you could hear him downstairs, dirty little pervert.

    Canoeing down the Murray one day we stopped on one of the many islands for a look. rounding a bush we came across some sheep, Toby and the sheep stared at each other for a bit, then the sheep took off. With astonishment written on his face, he gave chase, couldn't believe something was actually scared of him. Five minutes later he returned with a very satisfied look.
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