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    Quote Originally Posted by Cliff Rogers View Post
    I disagree with that, there is a marked variation in the colour & grain of some of this stuff depending on where it grows.
    None of the Archidendropsis basaltica that I collected west of Longreach was red, mostly brown with some pink/purple in it that fades after it has been cut.
    The piece with the wild grain came from the same property but was collected on the side of a sandy ridge.
    It was the largest solid tree that I have ever cut on the property.
    Most of the other large ones have had the middle taken out by termites.
    They continue to grow & thrive for years with a hollow centre.
    The colour/grain/stripes in the termite damaged ones can be much more pronounced than the undamaged ones.
    I still have some of that one with the wild grain, it is amazing to look at but is getting darker as it ages.
    I agree with my quote for different reasons (none related to colour). They chose "Red Lancewood" for good reason

    My opinion is the same as that of Qld Forestry* for this species. Local names are very variable, not specific, applied often regionally and can cause confusion to those outside that region. Of course local wood users can call things what they want, its their nature. But standardisation of names beats the bastardisation of names when the purpose of names (and communication) is for clarity, to reduce ambiguity.

    Standard Trade Names (even for minor species like this) are taken from Australian Standard AS 2543-1983.
    Trade names apply to "differentiate then from local names”. The usage of local names (like "dead finish”) “should be discouraged, because the same local name is often applied to two or more species which may have markedly dissimilar wood properties and different trade names”. (That's why I chose "dead finish" as a local name to discuss in this post and offer the standard trade name, local names and botanical names.)

    * Tech Pamphlet No 2
    QUEENSLAND TIMBERS … their Nomenclature, Density and Lyctid susceptibility (Dept of Forestry Queensland)

    Now to your comments about colour in Achidendropsis basaltica. I agree with all the stuff you mentioned about its colour variations, how it generally bleaches with light and age etc. I've cut it often enough to witness such variations as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cliff Rogers View Post
    Other Australian native trees called lancewood are Acacia species.

    IE; Acacia shirleyi, Acacia doratoxylon & Acacia crassicarpa.

    Common names in general are misleading.

    A past member here arranged to swap some timber with me several years ago, he wanted Archidendropsis basaltica because he thought it would be red, it wasn't, he was disappointed.
    That's why many common (local) names are ambiguous. That's why those in the know (eg foresters) use more that one word eg Red Lancewood.
    Some lancewoods are not Acacia species and nothing like them eg Satin boxwood (Phebalium squameum, before it was changed). Botanical names rarely cause confusion even if they change because they usually refer to one plant species.

    One word popular descriptors like Lancewood, ironwood, rosewood, walnut, mulga, satinwood etc etc are near useless IMO.
    "Common names are (often) misleading” is a fact, and why botanical names, or for those who cant or wont use them, standardised (trade) names are preferred.

    Re the wood you exchanged maybe you should have said how variable it was in colour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Euge View Post

    Re the wood you exchanged maybe you should have said how variable it was in colour.
    I said I had 'Dead Finish' Archidendropsis basaltica from west of Longreach, I didn't know he wanted red timber, that wasn't made clear to me.
    If you find a post of mine that is missing a pic that you'd like to see, let me know & I'll see if I can find a copy.

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