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    Default seasoning pale timber

    I have some nearly perfectly white native frangipani. Its been been sliced into 3 @1600mm x 280mm x 65mm slabs.
    I pressure washed the surface, end sealed with wax then stickered out in a covered stack out doors.
    After a few weeks, they are developing black spots which I'm not sure are fungus or something else.
    Does anyone know of a chemical treatment which can prevent this type of degradation?
    Lee Franks.

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    It sounds a lot like Norfolk Island Hybiscus which also has a very white wood and is subject to spalting which is what those black spots are the beginning of. Not much you can do about it except dry it quickly. The good news is that spalted timber is very sought after and much more interesting than just straight white wood so you can probably swap it for the same amount of something like paulonia which is white but doesn't spalt so much

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    Suggest you "Google Fungicides for Wood and read what others say about the subject

    Moisture is what fungi need to grow and usually love sapwood most. Worst is when wood is very wet ie first 6 months of drying.
    Accelerated drying may cause degradation.

    All fungicides (dipped, sprayed or painted on) are surface acting without pressure treatment. A few ideas which MAY work to varying degrees follow

    - Sulphur powder, dispersed in water & with a Quat wetting agent (cheap, readily available, safe, spray or paint on, moderately effective)
    - Sulphites (water soluble, short term, used in dried foods, chips, dry fruit and wine)
    - Copper salts incl CCA (toxicity, used on plants and in wood, care required, will stain wood surface) - last choice but effective
    - Borates (safe, water soluble spray on or paint on & reduce pin hole borer attack, may be OK with 'flowers of sulphur' powder dispersed *& painted on )

    Not sure which may appeal most or which to recommend for this wood, some may change surface color, toxicity and effectiveness may vary. I've used none of these.
    Some may inhibit some fungi, but not all.

    PS: Assume the tree and wood is from a Hymenosporum sp. ? with cream fragrant flowers? (not Pittosporum or the Norfold Island Hibiscus) - all with white woods and prone to fungal growth and stain

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    When you say covered, is it just covered over the top, or completely covered with a tarp or something? If the latter, take the tarp off as the wood is sweating. White wood need plenty of air circulating, I use larger stickers, then store under a carport.

    As for the mould, treat it fast with an anti fungal available at most nurseries and hardwares, plus add some Boron to the mix to help keep the bugs away too and 5% pool chlorine (in an attempt t get rid of the mould already formed, if freshly cut you don't need this). Un-stack your pile and spray the mix over your slabs both sides soaking as much as possible, let dry, then hit it again. Once surface dry re-stack with large stickers and strap it all down.
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