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    Amazing Stu!! You are an inspiration to all!!

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    Thank you for sharing your story. It is a good feeling to know you on this forum.

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    Sorry again Guys, I thought the thread had died but it's still Kicking. The shop is just on the point of getting off the ground. This cold weather is knocking my wife around. She hasn't long had a complete Knee replacement and I always thought they used a synthetic replacement but she got a bloody great chunk of stainless steel. You can imagine what that and cold weather would be like. It actually cools the blood down and she gets a very painfull leg. We're slowly sorting the rooms out downstairs and all I need are a couple of strong backs to move a bench in and a lathe picked up off the floor and put on the bench. Apart from my sign making I'd like to try pen making. I will have to pester the boys in that section to point me in the right direction. I also have to find out what i'm going to need to use the lathe. At the moment I know I need chisels but there's bound to be a host of pieces I'll need for it. There seems tobe no stop to it. I never realized it took so much.

    I've bben very lucky with some very kind people from the forum sending me a lot of bits and pieces. The generosity has been overwhelming. I've learned how to derust tools and the outcome has been amazing. Tools literally covered in rust and rusted shut have been bought back to perfectlt useable and looking good. Not the bright chrome they may have started off with but with a black deep sheen which I'm rather partial to. Not a sign of rust, no healthy metal is removed and never likely to rust again unless left out in the rain for a while. I had metal rulers I thought were just pieces of metal until I worked on them and I can see all the original inches and metric markings and numbers as plain as day. I say working, I don't really do anything the electricity does the job for me. Very cheap and green. At least I feel a bit fitter from all the trips to the back verandah to tend to it.

    Cheers all, kind regards Stu

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    How quickly we forget our Vets.

    I would like to thank you bedbug, for sharing your story. And I would like to thank all of our Vets for their service.

    Our son is an apprentice in the RAAF, & who knows where that will take him. Like most of our service men & women, he is looking forward to being deployed to do what he is training for, & like all Mums & Dads, we are glad that he is still an apprentice & won't be deployed for a while yet.

    Hopefully, the trouble in the ME will be over by that time, but as nothing has changed in the past 2000 years over there, I imagine that will be unlikely.

    I too am a disabled wood worker, but I have never posted here before because I am not that bad. I can still do most of what I want to do, but only at my pace, & the price is pain. Bedbug is an inspiration to me, & I hope you have more great days like the one you described in an earlie post.

    All The best mate

    The fact remains, that 97% of all statistics are made up, yet 87% of the population think they are real.

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    Default Old Melbourne Mates

    Hi Stu
    I have just been reading all that is in this thread and it reminded me of an electrician I worked with in Tamworth who had been an electronics guy on the Melbourne. He went by the name of "Keg" and yes he could have been a beer tester at Tooheys (freelance of course) he is a very casual guy in his attitude to everything. He once told me some big wig was coming to do an inspection on the Melbourne and he was given a can of paint to freshen up has "bedroom" which was near the pointy end of the ship. His mates hadn't seen him for a while and when they went to see where he was there he was unconscious in his room due to the fumes off the enamel paint.
    He said that the Melbourne would only spent about 3 days at the Vietnam end unloading then come back to Australia. When he got out and applied for a war service loan he was knocked back because 3 days in the war zone did not qualify them for the loan. 4 days or more would have. He had some not so nice comments about that
    Reading your story puts my problems way into the shade. I do hope you WILL get your woodwork up and running and prove those quacks that bed is not going to be your complete world
    All the very best to you
    Just do it!

    Kind regards Rod

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    Hey Cookie, or any of the guys who replied to my post, are you still on the forum? It's been a long time since we chatted and bucket loads of water have gone under the bridge. Things have changed, some worse, some better, but hey, I'm still kicking, albeit with bloody numb feet. I just home from hospital in Newcastle today, according to the Air Ambulance controller who rang me to confirm my flight, today's trip was my 32nd flight. I asked if it was time to give me frequent flyer points, but all I got was a laugh.

    I really hope things are better for you all and you're fighting fit. If you're around please say G'day, I'll await with bated breath (why "bated breath"?) Stu

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    used to live in Sydney, now it's Canada


    Things have changed, some worse, some better, but hey, I'm still kicking, albeit with bloody numb feet.

    I just home from hospital in Newcastle today, according to the Air Ambulance controller who rang me to confirm my flight, today's trip was my 32nd flight. I asked if it was time to give me frequent flyer points, but all I got was a laugh.
    If you're around please say G'day,

    Welcome back.

    numb feet is what I find I get after stubbing a toe too many times. You really do have to watch what you kick.

    I'll await with bated breath (why "bated breath"?) Stu

    why bated breath?
    a shortened form of 'abated', meaning 'to bring down, lower or depress'.
    'Abated breath' makes perfect sense and that's where the phrase comes from

    regards from Canada


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