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    Default Triton jigsaw attachment

    Does anyone have or use the triton jigsaw attachment? Are they worth the money and what is the maximum thickness of timber you can cut? I have a quality Metabo jigsaw and I am building a guitar in the new year. Any thoughts or feedback welcome.

    Thanks in advance,

    edit: I have the triton router table...

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    A few years back I was the demonstrator in the South of the UK for Triton, so I was supplied with the complete range of their kit. The one item I wouldn't demonstrate was the jigsaw attachment, as I found it problematic and somewhat crude in design. You can see a video of it at and - naturally - the voice-over is very complimentary about it, as it's Triton's own production. I reality, I found the friction blocks almost ineffective and I wouldn't attempt to cut anything over 6mm with it. The result you will obtain depends entirely upon the quality of the jigsaw and blade, the radius of any curves required and the material to be cut. It might be possible to cut a template with it, then sand that sufficiently to be used with a pattern bit in a router for the actual product, but I wouldn't attempt anything on it which required a fine finish, as a guitar panel would. If you just want to rough it out, then a hand-held jigsaw will suffice.


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    Thanks Ray. That was my gut feeling about it. I just wanted to check. I think I'll save my money.

    Thanks again, ...

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