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    Default Triton TRA001 Router Micro Adjustment Problems

    Hi all,

    Hope someone can help me out there. A while back I bought a Triton TRA001 Router from Bunnings. It was a demo model and came with no waranty or instructions or accessories but I bought it anyway as it was only $170.

    I have it mounted in a table and have removed the large plunge spring. I only have one problem with it. The micro adjustment does not work properly. It sort of goes down but will not go up. It goes up about a mm or two and then drops down again, so this means that fine adjustment is not really posible. Does anyone out there have any ideas how I can fix this and if spare parts are available for these routers.

    Thanks heaps in advance


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    Default Triton Router Height adjustment problem

    Hi Darren,

    Have a look at this post here by RayintheUK.


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    The slippage is due to wear on the lands or grooves of the plastic worm gear. I replaced mine with the metal one mentioned. If you need help in the actual replacement process, it's available in a page I wrote a while back here. Just follow the instructions and pictures and you'll be fine (no need to dismantle the winding handle, that part was written following a request from a member here, but you need to read the section below the last picture for re-assembly tips).



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