I scored a second hand Jet JWTS-10 in reasonable condition. I preferred it to other alternatives because of its cast iron top and a cabinet saw isn't really feasible in my space. There are a few gripes with it that I'm hoping I can address with upgrades, since there seems to be the potential to do some precision work:
  • It's underpowered at 1.5HP. I was thinking of upgrading the motor, and bumping it up to 2HP doesn't seem outlandish or too expensive. Or I can go up to 3HP if the hardware can handle it. Is this feasible?
  • The rip fence is only clamped down at the front. as I'm pushing wood through, the back could give a little bit. Is there a DIY fix for this? I know I can buy aftermarket fences, but they are quite expensive and I wouldn't want to go this route yet