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    Default Shopmate Radial Arm Saw 5200 Type 4 rebuild

    Hi there,
    Thank you for the add. I have inherited a RAS Shopmate 5200T4. It is from the early 1980s and has sat for many years in an unheated and damp garage. That said it is is reasonable condition.
    I have removed the stand and have it built into a long workbench. There are a few adjustments that need made and it is fine for rough cutting etc.
    The problem is that the motor is noisy and I am sure that the thing needs a good clean out, adjustment, clean and lubrication. I have sourced new bushes for the motor but wanted to replace the bearings.
    I have the original manual which gives the part numbers of the bearings, but not the sizes.
    I could strip the machine down, remove the bearings and order new ones, but I dont want to be in a position of waiting several weeks for an odd sized bearing to be located.
    So..... has anyone replaced these bearings and if so, what are the dimensions of them or is there a more modern part number.
    The bearings I want to replace are the main armature assembly ones and the shaft assembly ones. The original part numbers are 10-00067 x2, 10-00068 and 10-00022.

    Thank you in advance.

    By the way I am located in Ireland so there is that too! Cant rotate the pic, sorry!


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    Your best bet is to take it apart and measure them if no-one else chimes in here with the correct sizes for those bearings. Use a micrometer. If you don't have one borrow or buy one. You'd be surprised how often you will use it. Order from someone like RS components and you'd have them in a week. I've ordered from them quite a few times for both cheap generic bearings and quality NSK as well as other parts.

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    Hi David
    Just joined this site and came across your post regarding the shopmate rebuild. Wondering if you managed to source new bearings and rebuild it or are you still looking? The reason I ask is, I am currently rebuilding my saw and have it in bits at the moment and am waiting on new bearings and have sizes and bearing Nos if you still need them.
    Cheers ....Henry (in Australia)

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