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    Default Table Saw Tape Measure

    I have a Ridgid 10" table saw, and the measurements under the fence indicator are accurate around 18 inches and higher. However, under that they are hit and miss. Example, I have to set the fence to about 1/32-1/16th past the 4 1/2" reading, to get an actual 4 1/2" width from the fence to the blade. The tape measure is dead accurate and being that it is measuring good at the upper widths, I don't think it needs the indicator adjusted. What else could be causing this to happen?!? Thank you!

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    Might be that the tape was mis-printed. Put a ruler you know to be good against the problematic end of the tape and see if it lines up.

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    How are you validating the widths higher than 18 inches? are you measuring the piece you just cut? or getting a separate ruler to measure the distance from the fence to the blade?

    If you're measuring the distance from fence to blade then grab a seperate ruler and check the ruler lines, however if you're measuring your cut piece, I'd check your technique, are you using a push stick? are you keeping the material flush against the fence? have you measured both ends? of cut piece. While you're at it check both front and back of blade.

    The reason for this is with wider pieces you have more control over the piece and therefore your accuracy increases, but with narrower cuts it becomes harder to ensure the cut is accurate.

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