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    Question Grits for dual drum sander

    Hi, if this has already been covered please point me to the thread.

    I just picked up a second-hand dual drum sander and now need sandpaper. Timbecon sell 3-metre lengths but nothing below 80 grit. The Sandpaper Man has lower grits but only sells 25-metre rolls.

    I was hoping to experiment a bit before throwing down $350 on sandpaper but in case I can't I'd like some advice on what grits to get.

    I have a thicknesser. I will not be using my dual drum sander as a thicknesser! However I will be using it to identify high spots on boards for sanding or planing as I do my jointing by hand or with the thicknesser on sleds.

    I do hybrid resin/timber stuff so be mindful the grits need to be suitable for resin.

    I don't expect my dual drum sander to produce ready-for-final-sanding surfaces. But I don't want to go 40+60 grit if I can avoid it as that seems too rough.

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    The rule of thumb is not to skip more than one grade between stages, although for really coarse stuff it's probably best not to skip (40 to 80 is a big jump). On solid drums, don't go higher than 120; finer grades need padding of some sort behind them.

    For use as a finishing sander, 80/120 is the go, for your intended purpose of finding high spots, I'd say 60/80 is probably a happy balance of stock removal and surface finish. You might get away with 60/100, but drum sanders generate a decent amount of heat and the resin WILL clog the paper; finer grits = faster clogging.

    I'd suggest getting in touch with some industrial abrasive dealers to see what they recommend for sanding resin, there are fancy coatings that manufacturers use to help prevent clogging in "sticky" materials like body filler and lacquer.

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    Thank you that's good advice

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