Hey Forum members.

just wondering for those forum members who own a CIGweld transtig 150 and also the 275 AC/DC units, if you could possibly get a photo of the electronic control board behind the front panel, im particullary interested in seeing behind the front control panel of the 275 unit, if you can get plenty of photos and also of the part numbers on the board that would be greatly appreciated.

i have been doin abit of reasearch and it almost appears that the transtig 150 i currently own and also another unit that i have on loan both have the main control board out of a transtig 275 machine, i noticed on the pdf for the 275 machine the part number is 700608, the same part number is on my main board (as per on the pdf on this thread Help with Cigweld TransTig 275 Series 2 AC/DC/HF- manual required please) it also looks like on this control board there is a spot for one extra potentiometer to be soldered in the same spot as the AC balance knob that the 275 machines run, so if possible it may simply be a case of installing that potentiometer and having AC balance control on the 150 machine!!!

also while browsing through google on noticed on token tool room website his transtig 150 has a different looking control board to the ones I have in my possession https://www.tokentoolroom.com/cig-transtig-180-cigweld/ which has got me really curious as to whats goin on, maybe CIGweld decided to use the 275 control board in the 150 units!!!

pictures to be uploaded so you can get a better under standing.


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