Hi Guys,
I'm buying a welder on Monday, and unless anyone has anything bad to say about it I think this is the welder I'm buying.

$250 is my max budget and I'm stretching to that - I'm on a pension.
This one for the price gives me 180 amps, and as money allows in the future I can get the reg and tig hose ($240) from bunnings, but it will only be hobby use as I've got limited functionality due to health issues.
This machine is 15amp, I'll run it via an adapter lead until I move in January and then I'll pay a sparkie to wire a 15amp plug.

I like the look of this machine, the fact that it's got a decent manual (I don't really need a manual but I've found that the quality of the manual reflects the quality of the gear) and the brand has a good presence on the web - the machine is brought in by Dynaweld and it looks like it's got good back up. Plus it has a two year warranty as opposed to the one year on the Michigan gear that total tools sells.

Thoughts and opinions please??

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