Gday All

Hoping to get some advise on buying decent Mig. Budget is around $7-800 Will be used for general jobs around home ie boat rack for the camper trailer, benches, gates ect. Will be predominately mild steel 2-6mm(we have a Transmig 330/2R at work for the odd job that requires some serious amps) I do however have an old torana at home I've been dragging around for past 23 years that I intend on doing some panel work one welder also needs to be capable of some light gauge work too. I'm not interested in a multi process welder(i'm happy to buy a tig down the track if required) would rather spend the coin on a better quality Mig. I've been looking around and can't find too many honest reviews on Migs in that price range that aren't from the manufacturer! There also seems to be a bit of a gap at that price point between simple low amp welder and $1000+ expensive professional unit example the Cigweld WeldSkill 135 Mig $400 and Lincoln 180c $1100+. Anyway maybe you blokes know of some quality brands I'm not familiar with or have some other suggestions. Looking forward to hearing your ideas. Cheers Dan

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