Hi all first post

I have been hobby welding on and off for over 25yrs and have just picked up a Cigweld weldskill 185 https://sydneytools.com.au/product/c...nverter-welder

I have encountered a frustrating issue where as when in stick mode it is near impossible to strike an arc, I am using Satincraft 6013 Rod's
Clean earth point and fresh ground weld area 2.5mm rod set at 80 amps and near impossible to get going new rods even touch bar rod tip to surface without really scratching it there is no arc up, once i manage to get it going it lays down a nice weld but even trying to restart mid weld is a nightmare. welder is brand new all setting are correct electrode +, my smaller Super cheap inverter 140amp arcs instantly with same scenario even when i cant get rod going mid weld ( slight flux protruding past inner rod ) I can put that rod in other welder and it fires up no problem.

Through browsing some other posts i have seen mention of Transarc units having dud circuit boards out of the box Im wondering if I have a dud

The manual makes mention of the following
VRD (voltage reduction device) is a hazard reducing device designed to reduce electric shock hazards presenton the output of welding power source when operating in STICK (MMAW) mode. Note that the presence ofVRD should not be used as a substitute for the use of appropriate safety practices as indicated in Section Oneof this manual.

Could this be faulty ?

Any input greatly appreciated.

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