New machine not that i notice much difference over the Italco as in arc performance but the Unimig has more power to put out, this first weld was a fillet weld on six mm material aluminium, second weld wss on factory settings again than thirdly i upped my voltage by 1 number and i went up about 2 numbers on the wire feed and here we have weld number 3

in weld number 3 am i understanding the machine better as u want more bite and u ideally want a concave looking weld?

i know i have porosity im using the steel liner just to test the machine i bought it new but second hand i will get the teflon liner later on before i do some work so please don't flame me for the porosity i know its there and i know why

think i am finally understanding how to set up and use the mig

site is having problems i will upload pictures soon pics are going missing

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