I have started this thread as a response to the discussion about the LPG cylinder in the Wanted to Buy Forum posts.

Preparing a used cylinder to be opened up.

Certainly no one in their right mind would suggest cutting open a cylinder that has had LPG in it with out insuring that the cylinder was empty and had no residual gas present.

To ensure this I remove the brass valve. These valves are Left Hand thread and sealed with a loctite type sealant .The sealant makes for difficult removal so I place a 150 watt soldering iron on the brass valve for a time and find invariably that the brass valve will screw out with out much effort. Remember its LH thread. Because I have done a few I make it easy by use of a purpose made tool with a 1 meter leverage to grab the valve .

Fortunately LPG is heavier than air so when the brass valve is screwed out and the cylinder is inverted any gas will drain out. I do this in a well ventilated area so the gas dissipates.

At this point I fill the cylinder up with water until it is filled completely. Due to this cylinder shape with hemispherical ends, there is no place for a gas pocket. I have opened several 9kg cylinders to make camp stoves.

If mercaptan smell is a real problem, to anyone considering a camp stove , just buy a brand new one.

Moving on to the 45kg cylinder I would use the same procedure before and drilling cutting or welding. Iíll discuss that in my next post.

Of course any body doing this work does it at their own risk.Common sense, attitude and ability have more to do with it anything else.


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