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Thread: Plasma cutter

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    Default Plasma cutter

    I am thinking of buying a plasma cutter, a quick look at BOC and they have one for $900+ , on Ebay there are combination tig/plasma for around $400, Rossi brand.
    Does anyone have any experience with this brand or some other similar? I want it mainly for thin sheet, I have a gas axe for heavier plate but it generally struggles with the thin stuff.
    TIG with high frequency start is attractive but I can live without it.
    Any advice appreciated.

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    I'm not a big fan of BOC gear as the price is far higher than the quality of the product. $900 for a machine to handle thin sheet is getting way up there as I paid $750 for my 50A plasma and I know that others on this forum have bough off ebay for less than $400 I think and they were quite happy with their machines.
    My plasma, from Magnum Welders has happily handled thicknesses up to 12mm for me and I have seen a piece of 16mm cut with the same machine. You will be better off with oxy above 6mm though in my opinion.
    BOC are just another reseller of chinese gear for the most part and the big name means little.

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    I've got two WeldSmart (they are in WA) plasma cutters, a 50 and 60 amp models. The 50 amp has a pilot arc which is handy and cost around the $400 mark (maybe $450, can't quite remember).

    The 50 has done a heap of work and has performed flawlessly. The 60 doesn't have a pilot arc and I don't tend to use it much.

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    Thanks for the info. The reason I was looking at BOC is I was thinking about after sales service if anything died within warranty. I have bought several welders from them and the last was a Chinese Smootharc, it really performs well but doesn't get much exercise as I tend to go to my flux core first, mainly laziness on myself part.

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