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    Default A Very Pleasing Experience

    (Not sure if this is the correct place for this, I will leave it to the moderator?)

    I very rarely recommend a product or service, however I feel this is one of the exceptional times.

    Around three years ago I decided to take the plunge and update my welding equipment and in the never ending pursuit to evade the costs of bottle rental I included a Plasma cutter. After much trolling around welding suppliers and tool suppliers, I started to look at Ebay, finally settling on Magnum welders located in Cobden Victoria. At least I was able to ring and talk to someone who knew what they were talking about, which is rare even in so called specialist stores these days.

    I finally settled on a 200amp mig and a 60amp Plasma cutter, I purchased the larger plasma as I always believe in having something in reserve and the extra cutting capacity appealed also. Over the years both machines performed extremely well, mostly in bursts of heavy use and then long rest periods as I only use it for hobby stuff, but working things hard when needed.

    Just recently my trusty Plasma developed what appeared to be a simple fault, I had air flow and power as soon as the main switch was turned on, after various testing it proved not to be so simple, so being of Chinese origin I expected the worst (no parts and no service) well I was wrong!

    On ringing Graeme at Magnum I could instantly hear the wheels turning, finally alighting on the probable cause and yes he had the circuit board in stock, two days and a few dollars later I had what was thought to be the offending part, however after fitting no luck. Graeme was quite happy for me to return the board and he would send the next suspect, but I decided although a longish drive it may be easier to take it to Cobden instead, where Graeme had all the parts on hand. Less than an hour later it was repaired and tested, being a part neither of us suspected.

    A long drive for a very rewarding experience


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    Thanks Ray for passing on your good experience with your supplier. It seems that we may get better after sales service with some of these cheaper products than the big names.
    Not the first time I have heard positive things about them.

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