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    Default Setting instructions for MIGOMAG 195 on sheet metal

    Is there such a thing as a setting instruction manual for the MIGOMAG 195 ?? there is one on my Esab 250 compact so I would assume one is available - I wish to buttweld 1mm. steel sheet. I would prefer to oxy weld it but am out of gas and although I have one of the Linde oxy/acet. units they are very slack on their advice re setting oxy/acet. pressures - I am used to the proper gauges such as on BOC gauges but wont pay their rental charges anymore - any advice would be appreciated

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    The simplest and best way is to learn to set the machine to perform the way you need and want for a given task. The parameters set out in cheat sheets will vary greatly and so will the performance of welders. Where I currently work, we have one Kemppi and two BOC mig welders, both inverter based and with voltage and wire speed readouts. The parameters for the three machines vary greatly, with the Kemppi running nicely at 22.8V and 7.3M/Min of .9 wire and the BOC units requiring around 9.5M/Min to get the same results.
    If you plan on welding a lot of 1mm material, then set your welder up with .6 wire and a mixed gas such as Argoshield 40, BlueShield 5 or Supa Argon 7. Voltage will be in the lower range of your dial and wire speed set to achieve a nice crisp arc. You can run up to .9 wire for welding 1mm steel, but it is somewhat more difficult to tune to the sweet spot.
    Set up properly, the mig will perform much better than oxy acetylene on 1mm steel.

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