I have a Miller elite that I am quite happy with but the on switch is a bit dicky these days so it might be on the way out. Being 16+ years old I doubt there would be spares for it readily available. More as idle speculation at the moment, I've just spent some time looking over the Miller, Optrel, Speedglas, Lincoln and a few other sites looking at helmets.
I found that some of their signature technologies I know nothing about. As well, the biggest irritant of the current helmet (the uncommon battery - try getting a pair of CR2024 on a Sunday around here...) is unanswered, as I can't see a battery size listed for some of these.
For those who have/ use industrial quality helmets, what features do yours have and are they really as wonderful as they sound? For example, Miller has their X-mode, but as I normally weld on a bench inside on my lonesome, I doubt I would see a great deal of benefit.


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