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    Default Consolidated Tool Works Plane

    Gíday picked up this plane today itís made by Consolidated Tool Works Inc. Just wondering if anyone knew anything about the brand and if the front knob is original itís a different colour to the tote. Any info would be great.

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    I've been waiting for an avalanche of information to arrive but no such luck, so thought I'd add my meagre knowledge on the subject. Knowledge, I might add, that is readily available by searching the net so nothing new except an opportunity for me to post a trio of brace photos
    I've had for a long time this No 208, 8" brace branded Consolidated Tool Works New York USA. It's got the PILOT logo though hard to see in my photo. All I've been able to dredge up is that they were in business from 1890 to the 1920's. about 1925 they were located at 296 Broadway NY. I don't know if the company was a manufacturer or a hardware outlet. There is a suggestion that the brace may have been made for them by Peck Stow & Wilcox (PS&W and later PEXTO) but my example bears little resemblance to any PS&W' braces I have seen. Maybe someone could compare your plane D-G to a PS&W model?
    The jaws are similar to those patented by W. McCoy in 1890 and assigned to the Millers Falls Co but barely worth mentioning since jaws can be easily replaced and were listed as spare parts in tool catalogues. The 14 small triangular teeth of the ratchet also bear no resemblance to any others I've seen.
    I posted the question on a US forum almost a week ago after a picture of a PILOT branded hand drill appeared, my query was met by a deafening silence.
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    I think the lack of response is due to lack of any information to add. This side of the ocean obscure American brands are little heard of. Anyhow thanks for sharing the info you have as I had never heard of them. The plane looks like a good user and I would take a punt on the front knob being original as it kind of just looks right.

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