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    Default monster firmer chisel 4 inches wide!!!

    Hi my dad owns a monster firmer chisel (not for sale). he has had it for a while and was starting to wonder what would be an appropriate handle dimension and style for it (it had no handle). he has no real idea what it would be used for but has thrown around ideas such as mill wright, bridge builder or basically any other timber craftsman that uses large stock. it's overall dimensions are 4 inches wide 34 inches long with roughly a 5 inch long tang that has a 2 inch wide bolster. a few photo's will be attached but it's to big to be able to read overall length from the tape measure there are some photo's with a 3 inch wide and 2 inch wide chisels for comparison.

    (he is thinking double iron hooped handle roughly 10 inches long with a minimum diameter of 2 inch but probably not bigger then 4 because you would not really be able to hold it, just a thought no real knowledge behind it just logical thinking)

    any information you might have would be helpful share your thoughts as well
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    I would go along with "American Slick". The chisel on the right with timber handle is the classic shape of a slick. They were used in the construction of log cabins. I haven't seen exactly how they were used but I can imagine that when you brought 2 logs together at 90 you would scoop out the shape of the log to house it neatly. The other looks like one that I made out of a piece of Spring Steel (vehicle leaf spring material)
    To use them they were never struck with a hammer/mallet only used in a slicing/pairing manner
    My chisel size was dictated by the piece of steel I found. I really only made for novelty value, but have found it works well debarking a log before using a Chainsaw Mill.
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    Just do it!

    Kind regards Rod

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    the problem with a slick handle is that the chisel has a tang and isn't a socket but that kind of style isn't a bad suggestion the chisel on the right in the picture is a 3 inch slick
    thank's aney

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