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    Default Wooden plane

    OK I have know idea what I have bought except to say I want to learn. This plane was part of a group of tools. At a minimum I would like to clean up to look really nice but if possible I would really like to make it a user again. Can you tell me what I have bought and how to clean and if possible make usable again. Thank you.

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    Its a Transitional plane Blackout. I know Stanley made them . There are probably other makers as well . I don't know .

    The ones Ive seen have Beech soles . I Have noticed they are normally stamped either at the front or rear of the sole but I cant see that on yours. And it looks like your one has been turned into a rebate plane by the bit missing from the sole . If it goes right through ?
    They have a different lever cap to the cast iron Stanley as far as I know . Ive seen parts available in USA Ebay . You can get Beech for a new sole its available in Melbourne . It'd have to be a labour of love . They have never sold for much $ . The missing parts will cost more than its worth . It'd be a nice project though . Here is a link to some info .

    transitional plane - Google Search


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    I would suggest it was originally a transitional smoother that had been remade with a much longer timber base for a specific purpose. HERE is some basic info on the Stanley models. Yours may have the manufacturer’s name stamped on the lateral adjustment lever.
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