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    Default Timbecon clock movements

    Would like to try make some clocks

    Anyone ever used the clock movements at timbecon? I see theyre on sale - $5 for some and $15 for the ones without ticks

    Just wondering if you can get hands elsewhere - the ones at timbcon seem small

    Or there is this ebay one:

    Type A looks like it has decent sized hands, can strip for parts.

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    One thing that you need to consider is that when you purchase movements from one supplier and the hands from another supplier they might not be compatible with each other, I used to purchase from two suppliers and would keep them in seperate containers to ensure that I was not making something that needed to be adjusted later.

    Then came along a friend that had ordered movements from overseas and gave me some as he ordered too much. Not so bad as I was using the hands from one of the tubs that I already had.

    It might also be worth considering that the movement needs to be able to drive the hands of the clock without having to struggle or your timing is not going to be correct.

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    Thanks for pointing that out

    Where do you get your movements?

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