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    Default Rough GIS sail dimensions%


    I'm currently building a 12-foot lug skiff similar to David Beede's Summer Breeze.

    I love the look and concept of the GIS, but it's unfortunately too big for my current circumstances.

    I especially like the look of the higher-aspect balanced lug - is there anywhere I might get the rough dimensions of the GIS sail so I could scale it down to my 12er? I've thought to simply measure from a picture, but that seems rather sloppy.


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    Hi S.B.

    Have you checked out the Lug rig for the MIK's OZ Racer?

    I built it out of a polytarp on my PDRacer before I built my GIS ad it as a great rig. It is quite large and very powerful and though it is designed for an 8' long boat, keep in mind that the short boat has 4' of beam running its full length so can carry much more canvas than it's diminutive size suggests. At $20 for the OZ Racer plans which include the lug rig addendum, it's hard to go wrong!


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