Hello. This question is specifically about the Ooze Goose cruiser ( I have purchased the plans) but I suppose it could extend to the Oz Goose in general. I have built a 4 foot wide Tear Drop camper and have found it to be a little narrow for two sleepers. I understand the design of these boats involves the most economical use of 4 x 8 pieces of plywood. I can get 5 x 10 sheets of plywood aswell as 4 x 8 where I live. A 5 foot wide Ooze Goose would seem to offer more comfortable sleeping for two to me. If everything else is kept the same do you see any issues with increasing the width of this boat as a cruiser to 4.5 or 5 feet? I am primarily thinking of sailing differences. Rowing would be different. Stability might improve but if you did tip, there could be issues with a 5 foot wide boat on its side. Is there something more to the dimensions of the 4 x 12 craft other than plywood size just by chance resulting in a nicely performing boat or is there some other golden ratio at work here?