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    Default Union Organizers Dogs!

    4 Union Organizers sitting having a discussion at the local bar, about who's is the fastest and smartest dog...

    So the Carpenters Union guy - his dogs named "tri-square" & his owner tells him - go chew a end off that fire log boy at the 2 foot mark, and make it dead square and bring it back to me, - which tri-square does in double quick time with consummate ease and brings it back dead square and chewed thru neat like a chainsaw cut it & exactly 2 foot long!.

    All are pretty impressed.

    So next the Liquor and allied trades fella's dog called "measure" is told to get 4 glasses & 3 stubbies of beer and pour 4 even filled glasses of beer, with a perfect head on them - for each of the 4 assembled union stewards - which measure accomplished also in double quick time also with consulate ease - bringing each bloke a perfect frosty beer.

    Again all are suitably impressed.

    The 3rd fella from the AWU Union - tells his dog named tea break... to go get the packet of morning tea ginger nuts outta his work bag - bring em back - open the packet & give each of the guys there, 3 biscuits each (making the even dozen) and the last 2 in the packet of 14 he can have for himself - which tea break does with consummate ease also - scoffing the last 2 for himself.

    Once again everyone there is suitably impressed and beginning to think - "heck this is gonna be pretty tough to separate who's is the fastest and smartest dog...

    Finally the Blacksmiths union rep - leans down and looks at his dog named "Iron Worker" who fast asleep under the table - flatulent flea ridden old scrapper that his is - layin' there on his back with his shiny leathery old nurries showing to all and sundry....and not playing a blind bit of attention to whats going on...with all these other dogs.

    So the others ask him - "well - whats your Dog do?"...

    The blacksmith union rep - say "here hold my beer & biscuits and watch this, as he leans over and pulls the fire poker out of the fire - and the end of it's glowing red hot and he leans down and touches old Iron Worker fair on the shiny leathery nurries with the hot tip.

    Old Iron worker is instantly wide awake and on his feet howling like a banshee and makes a beeline straight out the door with tail between his legs and keeps going - yelping off into the distance!.

    All 3 other union reps are aghast.... and speechless... jaws dropped...wide eyed!

    "Fast isn't he?" says the Blacksmiths union rep!

    "yesss they all stammer"... "but what was so clever about that?"

    Blacksmith union rep says "he was so fast, you prolly didn't see it..... but - he 'made a bolt for the door' in under 2 seconds flat!"

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    Cheers Fred

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    Awfull. !!

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