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    Default Recycling to make 3 x 2 desk

    This maple base desk was found sitting in the weather with no top and getting water damaged. It was sanded and given a clear coat of Estapol. The drawer bases (plywood ) was replaced with plywood of broken down furniture. The backboards are silky oak found on a wood fire. Stripped the paint and cut down to size. The front board was front of a wardrobe (haven't decided how to fill the handle holes). It was covered in the usual dark brown stain so was stripped. I have only put a single simple dowel between the front and back boards. The handles was a drawer slide I stripped off a wardrobe. It was stripped back on the table saw and the edges rounded on the router table.

    The top has been given a couple layers of shellac with fine sanding between layers. The handles have been done in Danish oil.

    Front and back of the top has only a little overhang as that is all there was available. Its the old 3 foot wide and 2 foot deep.
    Sadly I don't have the before pictures as I wasn't expecting this to turn out so well.
    Cost was maybe $20 in fuel and materials for stripping and painting.
    Later I think I will trim the top to protect it and maybe a low back board or a small stand to support a computer monitor.
    Desk.jpg Top.jpg Top silky oak.jpg Top 01.jpg Drawer handles.jpg Desk side.jpg

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    Nothing wrong with a bit of recycling as it's a shame for good wood to go to landfill.

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