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    Ok, new here. New to toy making. Really I am a welder by trade. I have a question. I want to know do many of you use some sort of brads or nails or something besides glue, or is this glue good enough to hold kids toys together. I weld stuff when building with metal, but gluing wood just seems kinda weak. But what do I know. Books I see on toy making only seem to use glue and once in a while a rod thru something to help. Been using TITEBOND wood glue. Maybe I just need to trust it more. Help

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    G'Day Sir and welcome to the wonderful world of toymaking were the enjoyment is always doubled.
    YES, first the fun making the toy and second seeing the child's face when they receive a hand made wooden toy, priceless.
    I was concerned about glue when I started but a helpful forum member suggested Titebond Original for toys so that's what I've used for the past about 8 years.
    I somethings will brad nail or screw a piece together with the glue but then hide the fixing with a thin strip of timber.
    On the strength of the Titebond Original, for toys I've made for play, providing my construction was sound, NO ISSUES.
    Coming from an engineering background I mostly up the timber thickness slightly to make the toy stronger but of course that means extra work as you have to adjust everything as you go.
    There are some beaut tutorials here on the forum and a mob of helpful ladies & gents, so ask questions if you need assistance.
    Photos are always essential in either the build or the end resultant toy.
    Please drop a note if you need any assistance on plans or builds.
    Cheers, Crowie

    PS - Are you in the USA?

    PSS. You can also use dowels for extra strength as in this post.

    Dowel Connecting Suggestions Needed

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    i have found glue fine, but i do use toothpicks as dowels often as well .... the only place i have found any weakness is with dowel for axles ... whilst i use dowels as well, i not infrequently use 1/4 inch threaded rod with nylex nuts

    regards david

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    I would have no concern using glue on face grain as the glue is usually stronger than the timber. Gluing end grain is a different story as the adhesion of end grain is quite poor and if it is a part that is stressed in any way, the addition of dowels or screws is recommended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treecycle View Post
    I would have no concern using glue on face grain as the glue is usually stronger than the timber.
    That pretty well sums it up.

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