What to post?

A post can be as simple as:

G'day. I'm Neil and I like woodwork.


More informative, like:

  • My name is Neil. I am (or was) a professional woodcarver, woodturner, furniture restorer and tutor.
  • Started carving and turning in 3rd form at High School back in 1963.
  • Founded and ran Central Victorian School of Woodcrafts for 12 years.
  • Founded Central Victorian Woodworkers Guild (later to become Maine Woodworkers)
  • Manufacturer and inventor of Shellawax and many other polishes for woodworkers.
  • Designer and owner of Woodwork Forums etc, etc etc.


Full on like this one:

G'day. My name is Neil. I am (or was) a professional woodcarver, woodturner, furniture restorer. I began carving and turning at Greythorn High School, Victoria in 1963 under the experienced tutelage of Ian (Pops) Inchley. After leaving school I did 15 mth of a lithographic printing apprenticeship (not because I wanted to but because I was made to). Nicked off and joined the regular army at the age of 16 3/4, discharged after 3 years, and earned a living mainly working for myself in a variety of ways from odd jobs, to earthmoving and demolition, any way I could.

Married at 21 to Pauline still married after 37 years with 3 children (adults) 2 in Australia and 1 in Houston Texas (yeeha).

Had a Real Estate Agency for a while made some furniture, renovated a house or two. Got sick of Vic packed up and went to Perth for a holiday in 1972 and we didn't return till 5 years later after I was run over by a drunken idiot and spent a years or two in rehab, where I once again renewed my love of woodcarving and all things wood.

Did a few night courses (4 nights a week for almost 2 years) after accident at Leaderville Tech WA honing my carving, furniture making and turning skill but mostly using their tools and wonderful machinery for my own projects. Many would be mazing what can be accomplished from a wheelchair. Got back the use of both legs and a semi pain free back and decided it was time to return to Victoria.

Brought an old Golding Lathe in 1977 and started turning pedestals, wine tables, candle sticks, etc in my back yard. Spent every Sunday selling my wares at a Craft market and all week, filling orders and making new stock for the following week.

Etc, etc, etc, etc..... At one stage I had 27 lathes and...... Bla bla bla.

Get the picture.