Hi everyone.

New to Australia is the WALKO Workbench System from the Netherlands. The best workbench system we know of, suitable for both the workshop and worksite.

Positively received in both Europe and North America, the WALKO Workbench System is now available in Australia.

Check out the WALKO Workbench System and don't miss the Introductory Pricing and WALKO / FESTOOL System Specials at the bottom of this newsletter.

About the WALKO Workbench System

The WALKO Workbench System was specially developed for the on-site tradesman, craftsman, and the do-it-yourself hobbyist. The WALKO workbench allows you to work safer, quicker, and more comfortably. Cutting large sheet goods, clamping large or small materials or working in tight spaces, WALKO gets the job done. The ability to morph the table into numerous positions allows you to decide which position and working level is best for your application.

The WALKO Workbench System - made in the Netherlands.

Build your own system.

WALKO can be configured in a number of different ways: A-frame with multiple table positions to suit your working height and needs, flat on the ground for ripping full sheet materials or assembly, up against the wall for assembly and ripping.

Accessorise WALKO with extra supports, tabletops, or develop your own tabletop designs; WALKO can carry your drop saw, takes a drop-in router plate, becomes a sanding station and acts as your one-stop cutting station whether you cut on the sacrificial bamboo tables, or on the replaceable plastic support strips, WALKO gives you all the help you need to get the job done.

Introductory prices - limited time only.

During the launch of WALKO in Australia, there are special introductory prices on WALKO SETs:

Price: $1,011.00
Special Price: $965.00
You Save: $46.00 (5%)

Price: $1,261.00
Special Price: $1,160.00
You Save: $101.00 (8%)

Works particularly well with the Festool range of power tools.
A highest quality premium product, WALKO partners beautifully with tools and systems such as circular saw/guide rail combinations, routers and many others. Particularly the Festool range of tools like:

The Festool TS55 and TS75 plunge-cut circular saws;

Festool OF1010, OF1400, OF2200 routers;

the Festool range of sanders;
and Festool planers,

For the dedicated shopfitter, cabinetmaker or home handyman, WALKO changes the way we work helping to organise working systems, save time on the job and make a whole range of difficult tasks easier and less tiring. Ultimately, WALKO saves you time and money....

WALKO is the latest innovation in workplace organisation - You will clamp, cut, size, profile, assemble and finish your projects with ease; on site or in the workshop. WALKO is easy to carry, sets up in seconds and has the most robust and durable construction quality.

WALKO / FESTOOL System Specials.
Check out some great specials combining Festool power tools with a WALKO workbench system. Bringing these two systems together for unbeatable flexibility, functionality and convenience.

WALKO and Festool Packages with 20% OFF accessories.

Make your own custom worktops.
Although the WALKO bamboo worktops are excellent for most applications, there is no limit to the special purposes you can put your WALKO workbench to with an appropriate custom worktop. Some suggestions are:
  • Router Table Insert Support
  • Sliding Compound Mitre Saw Support;
  • Or create a custom larger work area.

There is no limit, just use the WALKO Table Supports, and your own custom worktop. Here is a PDF of suggested worktops, complete with dimensions for speedy manufacture.