Pen turning is addictive and fun. Particularly when they turn out as intended. We can help with that part. Step one of the turning process is finding center on the end of a typically irregularly shaped and expensive wood, plastic or mystery material pen blank.

Woodpeckers Pen Blank Center Finder is designed to make a turner's first critical layout task easier and more accurate than you ever thought possible. Instead of fumbling around with a combination square or a large-scale center-finding tool not designed for the task, why not use a tool that provides the precision your next one-of-a-kind pen deserves?

Like all Woodpeckers ONE-TIME Tools these are made to order as a special run, they may be repeated in a year or may never be repeated. The order deadline is Monday October 22nd. Delivery is planned for January 2013 but maybe later depending on order volume.

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