We have recently changed our email marketing service to MailChimp a leader in its field as far as security and innovation is concerned.

In changing to MailChimp we noticed that our mailing list was a bit out of date and needs to be revamped, so we're asking help...... but not without reward!!!

Subscription and Preference Update Bonus!!!!

To ensure that we get the information in our eUpdate mailing list 100% correct we are asking our current subscribers to update their preferences as well as to suggest to their friends, club and family members, with an interest in woodworking that they subscribe to our eUpdate newsletter.

One lucky New Subscriber and one Preference Updater will each receive a $100.00 Gift Certificate.

Offer closes 5.00pm Friday November 16th 2012. Winners will be announced in the following issue of eUpdate.

Subscribe or Update your Preferences here.

What is the eUpdate Newsletter?

Our aim is to provide an informative e-mail on a regular (but not too frequent) basis.
Each issue includes;

• New Products

• Tips & Tricks

• Other woodworker’s suggestions, experiences and just plain bragging about their projects.

• Free plans and project suggestions.

• Special eUpdate offers

• What our readers say...

How secure are my details?

We have recently adopted MailChimp as our email marketing partner, primarily because of their stringent rules, maintaining the integrety and security of our mailing list information. They also have some really cool features that will start to appear in our newsletters soon.

We never; sell, loan or purchase data from, or for our mailing list.

In short you can subscribe with the utmost confidence.