2 projects on the go at the moment one is a large 4x2.5m tray trailer the other one is this aluminium boat trailer for my tinny aluminium i beam is quiet expensive so i tried to use 1 piece for the two sides it has small cuts in the top and bottom than slightly bent in on both sides i plan on reinforcing the bent sections later on once the drawbar is attached to hold it aligned while i fill in the gaps and cuts

the black trailer is on its last limb its a old 1970's-1980's model home made trailer which has rusted quiet a bit the new aluminium trailer will replace the old girl

alloy trailer will have a steel plate top and bottom of the front V joint mostly for strength and rigidity plus the only way to attach the safety chains is to weld and they are steel so the drawbar will be steel i also think i will need to use either steel for the spring holder or possibly stainless but that's expensive

i only see one hurdle and that is welding the i beam top and bottom pieces being 6mm i have never TIG welded that kind of material so thick i looked on the miller calculator i will be maxing out my machine at 180-200amps
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