Hey guys doing a aluminium trailer build on another forum and i was about to order 4x 12mm U bolts which cost a whopping $180 so i bought some 16mm round rod and used my hydraulic press to make the U bolt the test sample worked great but i have been advised not to use the home made U bolts because professional U bolt threads are rolled and not die cut or lathe cut as the rolled cut are far superior is this true?

the U bolts are to attach the spring hanger assembly to the trailer, my test sample i bent has larger radius than i need but the die used was just a lathe off cut if i make the U bolts the die will be smaller for a tighter radius

the steel is just regular Australian mild steel 16mm over the 12mm bought ones, if i can make my own should i step up the size 20mm or will 16mm be sufficient?


EDIT: Oops just reliased this should have been posted in the trailer section < edit: Did it for you - Grahame>
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