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    Default 2nd Project, Storage/Shelving Unit, Fijian Cedar Ply

    Hi all,
    completed this unit this afternoon and thought I might post some pics to share. Recently moved into a new house with a shed, after 7 years of living in apartments and I am relishing it. A few weeks ago I tried my hand at woodworking for the first time after shopping around for a woorkbench and ending up with a 20mm ply flatpack which I put together myself. I enjoyed the experience so much I embarked on something a little more ambitious. I purchased a cordless drill and a circular saw and then decided that I would purchase two sheets of Fijian Cedar ply and see how far I could make it go. This is the result and the girlfriend is most pleased....

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    Very nice.

    I see that you do have support in the middle. Originally did not see that in the photo.

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