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Thread: Surprise!

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    The handover went very well. The school executive had no idea what I had made from the tree but were thrilled with what they got. I may have ‘accidentally led’ them to believe that they were getting an outdoor rustic table and so this indoor suite was quite a surprise. There was however one final change? To help deliver the table, I drilled into the table ‘legs’ and fitted some beautiful, silky, smooth skateboard wheel castors. They made everything so easy to move that I have been requested to do the same for the chairs. This changes the ergonomics of the chair quite a bit but the choice appeared to be petite people with their feet dangling off the floor ...... or a hernia?
    One of my confidantes in the school found an old painting of the actual tree and so a display is planned to go on the wall behind the table with the paintings, photos of the build and handover and a potted history. I have offered to make a frame from the forest red gum to visually tie it all together.
    Thank you for coming on that journey with me folks, fletty
    .... donít vomit in the hire car!

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    Thank you Alan for a marvellous journey.
    The old tree will now have a new pride of place.
    Your patience craftsmanship has certainly shown in this wonderful product.
    Well done sir.
    Cheers Peter

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    Yep, a great trip & a good finale. I had to check, and your first post on this project was exactly a year to the day from delivery day, so while it was an epic at 18 pages, you have a ways to go to match Groggy's monumental bench build, which took four years and 80 pages.

    You named the tree as a "red forest oak", a common name I'm totally unfamiliar with, but from your pics of the wood, it looks like it could be E. tereticornis or a very close relative. If it's E. tereticornis & anything like the tree I made my 'portable' bench from, you deserve even more accolades for producing such a fine suite of furniture from it. Not only does it take twice as long to settle as most Eucalypts, it is one of the worst woods to hand-plane I've ever struck. It's hard & siliceous, tears out like nothing else, & dulls most blades after a few swipes. If the blade does manage to hold an edge any longer, it stops cutting anyway, because of the gummy build-up on the sole (despite constant applications of paraffin wax).

    You've earned my awe & respect for the generous donation of so much of your time, the imagination that could see that table & chair set in what looked like a pile of off-cuts from a sleeper-cutting mill (see post 1!), and perhaps most of all, for the dogged persistence that saw the project through despite many setbacks that would've discouraged a lesser person like myself.

    You can give yourself a hearty pat on the back & crack a bottle of something you've been keeping for a special occasion, I reckon. As they say, "thanks for the memories..."


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    Quote Originally Posted by fletty View Post
    This changes the ergonomics of the chair quite a bit but the choice appeared to be petite people with their feet dangling off the floor ...... or a hernia?
    What about just using some of those large teflon floor sliders (which would only raise the height by ~10mm? May need replacing every 5 years, but I'm sure they could manage that.
    Regards, FenceFurniture

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