Hey Guys,

Have just in the last week joined the Hercus gang. I purchased two model C's in a package deal with a horizontal bandsaw as well (old Hafco BS-4A).

One is standard with a 240v motor and pulley assembly (serial number 11832, light green colour in pictures), with the original tail stock and a thread pitch gauge.

The other has a 3 phase motor and VFD (serial number 2628), the seller had the motor wired in star not delta so wasn't working correctly; this lathe had a tail stock but it is not the original to this lathe.

They came with two of the standard English 3 jaws chucks but one is missing 1 jaw, as well as an import Sanou 4 jaw chuck. The Sanou doesn't fit the backing plate so will have to turn down the shoulder on backing plate to allow it to be mounted.
Both have turret style tools posts as well as coming with an extra lantern style. The were 2 drill chucks and lot of HSS cutters and bits and pieces.

Unfortunately they didn't come with any additional gears, steady rests, live centres, etc.

Thinking I will play around with both for a bit before deciding on which one to completely pull apart and restore first, seems ideal to be able to do this and have one lathe not in pieces.

The guy I bought them off had an interesting idea regarding screw cutting on the 2nd lathe with VFD.
To put a tachometer on the spindle and then attach some kind of motor and VFD to the lead screw. Then if I knew the relative speeds required between the 2 for different thread pitches I could perform screw cutting without needing gears. Does this sound possible? I have a washing machine motor I have been saving for something such as this. I know working out the relative speeds could be difficult.

Also I have no prior metal turning experience, so will be learning lots on these machines!

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